PALO ALTO, California- In an effort to expand their offerings and include everyone no matter what their kink, Pornub has added a category specifically for sim rigs setups and walkthroughs. “At Pornhub, we never take a day of when looking for the newest fetishes in the sex world, and things like Bang Bus and Big Sausage Pizza have a really short shelf life,” said Paul Gow, who leads the team responsible for finding all the freakiest content. “Sim racing is really hot right now, and sim racing rig setup and walkthroughs went from being something you could only find on 4chan to being much more mainstream. We felt we could capitalize on that. A lot of the user content will be free, but at some point, we plan on introducing cam channels for a modest fee that will include more hardcore stuff like watching someone build a rig and letting viewers offer suggestions that play out in real time.”

As of press time, sim rig was trending at number three on Pornhub’s most searched for terms behind ‘pretty eyes vicious thighs’ and ‘guy who is way too old to be a student stumbles into cheerleader practice’.