TORONTO, Canada- Waking up after a nap on Sunday afternoon, local woman Cheryl Tanis could not figure out whether she had watched Eurosport’s coverage of Le Mans or had a fever dream and imagined the whole thing. “It’s hard to say what went on this weekend. I got sick on Saturd and was on the couch with my body fluctuating from being too hot to having the chills, and I seem to recall putting the race on, but from that point on I can’t be sure what happened,” said Tanis, who was sitting at her kitchen table eating toast and drinking tea. “There was Neil Cole, and he appeared to be doing a Guy Fieri cosplay act. TK was in front of a monitor, but he had the body language of someone being held against their will. The whole thing was surreal and probably brought on by the cold medicine, because I do not think anyone would have let Neil wear a dragon shirt that ridiculous in real life. There is no way the hydrogen car thing was real, right?”

Later in the day Tanis spoke with a friend who informed her the Eurosport coverage was in fact real and shared her concerns about Tom Kristensen’s safety.