PARIS, France- After placing his luggage in the overhead compartment of American Airlines flight 272, Pat Long sat down in his seat excited to get home early and in time for a TBS marathon of The Big Bang Theory on Saturday night. Speaking to the person next to him in seat B12, Long was extremely grateful to Tracy Krohn for crashing early and sending everyone home, “Tracy is a great guy and offered me a great opportunity to race at Le Mans this year. I went ahead and made the appropriate arrangements to set my DVR to catch all 10 hours of Sheldon’s signature sarcasm.” Long continued talking as his seatmate asked the flight attendant for a Sprite in an attempt to stall the conversation. “Tracy wasted no time this year with putting the car out of contention which worked out great. There was a little drama whether the car would be fixed before everyone admitted it was beyond repair. Sort of like the elevator in Sheldon’s building!”

Later in the flight Long was taken aback when told his favorite show was paced for laughs and that when the jokes were singled out they are really bad.