HOBOKEN, New Jersey- Writing from her hospital bed inside Hoboken University Medical Center, 8-year-old Julie Redker was using her time in between treatments for a rare bone wasting disease to write Make-A-Wish and ask them that people stop quoting from Truth in 24. As her parents stood by praising her for her bravery and fighting until the end, Redker knew her last days had to be used for something more noble than herself, “Ever since that documentary came out, you can not go a day in early June without someone online using that line ‘it always rains at Le Mans’ as if they are the only person who thought it of it.” Redker paused for a moment to receive a morphine injection before continuing, “Are people aware that Jason Statham starred in Crank 2 and Parker? You aren’t quoting Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain. Also, the race goes years without rain so that line does not even make sense.”

At press time, Make-A-Wish could not confirm whether Redker’s request would be fulfilled, because the organization was busy with a 12-year-old boy from Salt Lake City who was sick and tired of people quoting lines from Steve McQueen’s Le Mans.