MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Area man Tyler Strombo is a huge Le Mans 24 Hours fan and loves to celebrate the famed race each June by taking the entire week off from work and hosting a large viewing party in his garage for his friends and family who also enjoy endurance sportscar racing.  The 2019 edition was off to a rough start as Strombo’s friends started showing up to watch the practice sessions and noticed the host only had five monitors setup – 1 to watch the tv broadcast, 1 designated for in-cars, and only 3 for live timing and scoring.  “He’s an idiot!“, said Steven Streimer, long-time friend and party attender, “There’s four classes – LMP1, LMP2, GTE Pro, and GTE Am, yet he had the gall to only setup three monitors for timing and scoring! Three!”

When asked by The Lugg Nutt on why Mr. Strombo only had three T&S monitors available, he said that the LMP1 race is already decided and not worth paying attention to since we all know Toyota is going to win by 23 hours.