LE MANS, France – Standing in the the city’s main square on Monday to watch the traditional scruineering for the 87th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours, those in attendance had their afternoon briefly interrupted by the streaking exploits of Sportscar365’s John Dagys. “Just as the Toyotas were being staged for their team photo, a completely nude John Dagys jumped a barrier and started running around in circles and waving his hands around taunting security,” said Leonard Hibb, who is visiting from Canada and enjoys Sportscar365’s WEC coverage. “Security started chasing him but to no avail. Eventually, has was tackled by Alonso and taken away, but the crowd really seemed to get a kick out of it. You wouldn’t get that from Dailysportscar!”

While Hibb was unsure what the point of the streaking was, there were other witnesses that confirmed Dagys had written his website’s address on his buttocks as a form of viral advertising.