BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky- Taking a break to grab a sandwich after the morning session had concluded, Will Laramie was approached by his friend who was convinced the instructor he had been partnered with had intentions beyond showing him the best line around the track. Laramie waited until his friend was back on track before speaking, “He is completely convinced his instructor is flirting with him. I tried to explain she is just working, and he is not the only guy she deals with all day, but he wouldn’t hear it.” After finishing the turkey sandwich he brought from home, Laramie continued, “Lots of guys that get into the car with a female instructor and think they have some special bond that is going to escalate. She’s getting paid to be there with you and instruct. There is nothing more to it.”

Laramie’s friend decided to sit out the afternoon portion and asked the instructor if she just wanted to talk during the time he had left with her.