WOKING, EnglandAddressing the McLaren to Indycar rumors that have been swirling for months, team spokesman Liam Rupert confirmed to multiple media outlets this weekend that the company is, in fact, not ready to fail in two separate openwheel racing series at the same time. “It’s simple, really. We can really only afford to be horrible in Formula 1 or horrible in Indycar, not both at the same time. Currently, we are dedicated to being horrible in Formula 1, but if the time comes that we decide to be horrible in Indycar, we’ll make the move there. For right now, only one major, inexcusable failure can be planned for.”

It was assumed by many that Alonso and the team would make their way to Indycar for the 2020 season, but a horrific showing at the 103rd running of the Indy 500 put the brakes on the effort.  “Indycar is a fantastic series where you can see the likes of former F1 mega-stars like Max Chilton go head to head with Takuma Sato. Hopefully one day you will see McLaren and the brow of Alonso join the show,” Rupert continued, “You know many thought McLaren would not commit to Indycar in the past because of our strained relationship with Honda, but we have proven time and time again we can be horrible with any engine in the back of our car – Honda, Renault, or even a Chevy Indycar engine. We’re up to the challenge“.
For now, McLaren will keep their ghastly performances in Europe and Formula 1, but maybe one day Indycar fans will get to experience a once-famed team that consistently fights for 12th, fingers crossed. McLaren will be able to show off their poor performances to the North American openwheel fans next weekend as the Formula 1 circus moves on to the Canadian Grand Prix.