By: Brian Camel

If you were at a garage sale and spotted a Da Vinci masterpiece for $1, would you just keep walking? We both know the answer to that. You would realize you came across treasure that you had to have it. Driven is that Da Vinci. Driven is my Citizen Kane and Sylvester Stallone is the Orson Welles of movies that were supposed to be about Formula 1, did not manage to procure the rights, went ahead with it anyway, and still kept Burt Reynolds in a wheelchair. Talk about about challenging norms! Driven is a tour de force of cutting edge cinematography. Those close up shots where it is obvious the cars are no longer Champ Cars but Lights really was pushing the envelope of film making. Jurassic Park may be considered (not by this guy) the first movie where CGI convinced the audience what was on screen seemed real, but that is only among people who have yet to see the scene where Joe Tanto picks up the quarters in his tires.

I must admit Driven has some faults, but every movie has faults. The Magnificent Ambersons, for example, has an ending that does not work and Welles hated, and in Driven, one could argue, Gina Gershon’s acting was just too good. When she shows up at that cocktail party to confront Joe Tanto, you can feel the electricity! Should you find yourself not wiping back tears because of the romantic triangle between Jimmy Bly, Sophia Simone, and Beau Brandenburg, then check your pulse! Is someone cutting onions in here? There is an old saying that there is beauty everywhere, and I found mine at a garage sale for $1.

I doubt Ford vs Ferrari can keep up.