SOUTH BEND, Indiana – Deciding that honesty is the best policy in explaining her love of the Isle of Man TT, area woman Cheryl Gehardt admitted to her parents that her passion for the event derives from wanting to see massive accidents that could end with a fatality. “I could have kept lying to myself and others and saying it was about the challenge and tradition of the 37 mile track but really it is just wanting to see riders lose control, hit stuff, and maybe even see their bike burst into flames,” said Gehardt, who was surrounded by her supportive parents. “You don’t want to see people die, but it does add to the spectacle. Racing has gotten too safe as it is, and we need to be reminded once in a while that if you ride a bike going 200mph through narrow streets surrounded by stone buildings you might end up hitting something and sending your bike into the crowd.”

Gehardt’s parents were confident their daughter is just going through a phase that is more morbid curiosity than straight up bloodlust.