NEPAL – A 14-member crew dedicated to cleaning up Mount Everest, after climbers leave it filthy during their climbs, have removed nearly 7,000 pounds of trash and debris from the famous mountain during a 45-day time span.  Over the weekend, near the 13,000 foot elevation mark and next to a frozen cadaver, a pile of poop, and an old tent, were the 2020 FIA/ACO Hypercar rules document.  “It was just a single page but I saw the FIA letterhead!” said Thomas Vilmear project lead of the cleanup crew, “I was scooping the old, frozen poop, and it looked like the rule page was used as toilet paper.  I picked it up and lo and behold, hypercar rules.  I couldn’t make out all of the rules due to the poop streaks, but I saw a lot of strikethroughs on nearly every line.”