Dear Guy Whose Wife Hates His Project Car,

In the last year I got serious about my health and started eating better and exercising, but in the last month or so I have gained some of the weight back but still feel good about myself. Some people say take time off from your exercise routine to let your body recover before starting up again, but one of the trainers at the gym said to just change from doing a lot of cardio to doing weights. What would you suggest?

-Skinny in San Antonio

Dear Skinny,

Regardless of what my wife says the 2003 Ford Focus I got back in 2011 was, and still is, a good purchase. For $500 I got a car that was designed and built for the European market which means it offered a better driving experience than what Ford would offer later. The Zetec engine is nice and smooth, and the weight distribution is about 50/50 front to rear. There is no reason to believe it is not going to make a great car once it is done.

Dear Guy Whose Wife Hates His Project Car,

We are seeing a lot of tornadoes and flooding from Oklahoma to Ohio this year with no end in sight. The Great Lakes region is seeing temps way below average as well. Do you think politicians and the general public will start taking global warming and its effects more seriously now?

-Weather in Withita

-Dear Weather,

It took the first two years just to get the engine running. My wife complained the whole time about it leaking fluid everywhere, but I had to make sure it was done right. I don’t remind her every day of the kid we have that costs way more than the $500 the car cost me. Two years on the engine and another two running down interior bits and pieces. She seems to think there is a speedometer fairy you conjure up to get it working again.

Dear Guy Whose Wife Hates His Project Car,

My husband and I recently went on a vacation out west to go camping and hiking for a week. We enjoyed every minute of it and are looking to get into it more, but we are novices at this point and do not want to get in over our head. Any recommendations you have for us new explorers would be great!

-Camping in Carlsbad

Dear Camping in Carlsbad,

Did I mention that it is the SVT? In blue? Those don’t grow on trees. When I told her, it was like I had said it’s raining outside. She just shrugged her shoulders. My friend Ted has had an old Camaro under a tarp in his backyard for 16 years, and I don’t see his wife treating him like the Green River Killer. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day!