SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Coming back to Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday to retrieve the stuff he left behind two weekends ago, Zak Brown was embarrassed to learn he needed to go collect McLaren’s hospitality center from the track’s lost and found desk. “He came up to me sheepishly saying he had looked everywhere and had retraced his steps from qualifying weekend to no avail,” said Victor Nisa, a long time yellow shirt, who luckily for Brown knew the policy for items found left behind on the grounds. “I told him that since the hospitality was found with no owner in sight we had to send it to lost and found. That’s what we do with stuff no one was using. You could see he was embarrassed to have to be the one to go get it and explain why he left it behind to start with. He had some of those Kimoa throwback shirts to prove who he was, because we just don’t hand stuff over to anyone.”

Once at lost and found, Brown became upset when told his stuff was not in the correct bin under the desk and someone would have to go in the back near the Snake Pit items and look around.