ATLANTA, Georgia – Local man Robert “Speedy Rob” Malman, loves sim racing and all things esports.  So much so that his instead of putting a picture of his family, car, or favorite lake shot as his Facebook banner image, Malman chose to put his Formula Renault 3.5 car which is used in his Wednesday night iRacing league, what he calls his “pride and joy”.  “It’s my life,” Malman told The Lugg Nutt, “I love iRacing.  There’s nothing better than getting home from work, running 3 hours of practice laps, on my direct drive wheel, to get a leg up on the competition for the races later that night”.

When asked why he did not use a picture of his family as his Facebook banner image, Malman informed The Lugg Nutt that his craft does not allow the time for a family, let alone a girlfriend, but he made sure we knew he uses a Direct Drive wheel, the only kind of wheel that should be used.