GARY, IN- While applying some vinyl stickers of Japanese letters to the rear window of his 2016 Subaru Impreza, owner Jason Tup was pretty sure the letters he was putting on spelled out something cool. With help from a friend who had recently purchased a vinyl printer, Tufs said he took advantage of Google Translate to decide what he wanted. “JDM culture is close to my heart, and in the scene you need to stand out from everyone else. I thought coming up with something on my own would be the best way to do that,” explained Tup, whose car also sported a large aftermarket front splitter that most likely is not functional in any way. “My buddy Craig just got a printer, and we hopped on the computer to translate some stuff. I eventually settled on wanting ‘Tuned to Hoon’, and Craig went to work. Now I can’t wait for people to ask what it means at next meet in the Sonic parking lot. Craig is hopeful he can sell a couple.”

Tup’s sister, who spent six month of college studying in Beijing, did not have the heart to tell her brother the lettering is actually Chinese and spells out ‘Mango Jump Shoe’.