WOKING, England – Paying tribute to a comedy legend was the entire point of McLaren’s failed attempt to make the Indy 500 according to McLaren boss Zak Brown. Kaufman, who was best known for his ongoing feud with Jerry Lawler, was all the inspiration Brown needed going into May. “Andy was an idol of mine for a long time. He used to show up at clubs and eat mashed potatoes on stage or take a nap in a sleeping bag. That was our inspiration – just to really confuse everyone through the entire process,” said Brown, who still has a VHS tape of Kaufman being slapped by Lawler as a stunned David Letterman looked on. “That Lawler bit was performance art. When we decided to forget about the steering wheel, failed to know measurements were in inches, and bought the wrong tire sensors, all I could think about was Andy looking down on us while doing Tony Clifton and calling us all ignorant boobs not worthy of the big show. We really got everyone didn’t we?”

When reached for comment, Fernando Alonso said Brown’s story made no sense, because Kaufman is obviously still alive.