SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Ever since taking the reins to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Doug Boles has been tireless in his efforts of broadening the appeal of all things Indy 500. Wanting to take the Snake Pit experience to a new level, Boles has decided to throw some of his prized Cottonmouth snakes into the crowd. “We are so proud to have Skrillex appearing this year and social media has reflected this sentiment. Fans are always wanting new and fresh experiences, and with that in mind, I brought some cottonmouth snakes from home to release when no one is looking,” said Boles, wearing his signature blue suit and tie emblazoned with the IMS logo. “The Indy 500 is meant to be a fun time for everyone to let loose and what better way to go crazy than knowing a bunch of killer snakes are roaming around underfoot?”

At press time, Boles was busy working on a tenderloin that acted as antivenin.