SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Living right in the heart of Speedway and only a 10 minute walk from the track, local resident Riley Carlson has a special reason to be excited for the Indy 500 this weekend. “Temperatures will be way above normal which means plenty of people that will not plan accordingly and consume too much food and alcohol,” said Carlson, as he arranged buckets for any passerby to use. “All the people around here get so excited for the race and that’s fine. I just live for everyone leaving the track and those needing to expel half eaten tenderloins or turkey legs mixed with some Miller Lite or Busch. Some people like putting together puzzles, some people like knitting, and I just happen to get off on finding soggy nachos and jalapeno chunks in a bucket.” 

One neighbor of Carlson’s said she was not sure why he insists on the buckets every year but is happy it keeps the sidewalks and streets clean.