DERBY, England – Always unique and different, racing photographers play a vital role in telling the story of a race weekend.  All hell broke loose last weekend at Donnington Park however, as a 40-photographer fight broke out as everyone attempted to take the same, but clearly very different, picture of the podium celebration.  “It was crazy!” said one witness who asked to remain anonymous, “Marty was trying to get the three-quarters shot as the champagne was flowing, but so was James! James shoved Marty’s camera out of the way after Marty took his 40th successive shot, and from there it was on!”

Social Media reps worked with security to help get everything back to order, but not after rubber bullets and tear gas were used.  “Look, it’s not like these podium celebrations happen everywhere, it’s a rare shot that’s needed for every website, magazine, Twitter account, press release, Facebook post, and Instagram story to push out for readers who just watched the race happen.  But we, as race photographers, need to act like a family and keep our cool under these high pressure situations so this does not happen again.