SPEEDWAY, Indiana – Standing just off Georgetown Rd behind the main grandstand, one tree feels lucky to have seen just about everything at Indianapolis Motor Speedway over the last 100 years including all the times women took off their tops to let everyone have a peek at their funbags. “Over 10 decades you see it all. The rise and fall of roadsters, the horrible crash in ’64, Foyt taking his fourth win, and seeing young and attractive women taking out their jugs for everyone,” said the oak, that was first planted in 1919 and is known best for offering shade to weary attendees. “Used to be big parties on the road here and guys would whistle and ask to see a little bit of nip and not get shouted down or denied. Nowadays you ask to see a nice set of knockers and you’re a pig. I stood right here when some woman stuffed her melons in Tom Sneva’s face. Different time and place I guess.” 

The tree added it was not at all jealous of its brother who stands near the new Snake Pit and still gets to view a nice pair of bazookas from time to time.