LEXINGTON, Ohio – Excessive flooding that led to muddy conditions throughout the weekend of the Acura Sports Car Challenge was linked back to a leaky faucet in the media center according to the plumber called in to fix it. Infield walkways, roads, and parking areas that became almost impossible to navigate by Sunday were the result of what could have been a simple fix. “Leaky faucets can become a real problem if left unattended,” said Ned Klofs of Pepper’s Plumbing, who arrived first thing Monday morning to fix the leak. “It was a quick and easy fix to be honest, and I would have been out here Saturday to fix it, but whoever called it in didn’t want to pay me for double time due to it being a weekend. We told them first time customers get a coupon, but they insisted no one would notice and Monday would be fine.”

In the future Klofs suggested the track get some buckets and just place them under the sink to catch the water until the weekend is over.