ELKHART LAKE, Wisconsin – President Trump’s contentious tariff dispute with Canada has persuaded Road America’s board of directors to change the name of its most recognizable corner as a show of support to the President. Turn 12, known as Canada Corner, will be rebranded as Make America Great Again Corner. “We felt the time would never be better for Road America to stand behind our President in his attempts to protect American industries,” said Paul Oster, who has been a board member for 16 years and claims to own a dozen different MAGA hats. “In the same vein as the patriots who changed French fries to freedom fries after the attack on the Twin Towers, Road America’s board of directors recognized the hypocrisy in leaving Turn 12 as it is.  I mean hell, we’re Road AMERICA, not Road du Canada or whatever those fake Frenchies would call it.”

For the time being Oster sees no reason that any other corners will need a rethink but added should France get testy with the Commander in Chief, Road America will not hesitate to change the Carousel to Merry-Go-Round.