PARIS, France – After it was released by the Fake News Media on Saturday morning that the ACO is beginning to look at IMSA’s successful DPi formula to replace the undefined “LMP1/Hypercar” platform, ACO President Pierre Fillon sent a hailstorm of tweets at 2:00am local time, leaving many wondering why the President of the ACO is awake and tweeting so early.  “It’s the Fake News Media that keeps us from releasing the Hypercar rulebook! Sportscar 365 and Racer are FAKE NEWS! SAD!” said Fillon’s first of twenty continuous tweets.

While only responding to himself via his tweet storm, Fillon said the Hypercar rules are firm and in place, but he will not release them until the next ACO Presidential elections take place early next year, which he claims leaves the manufacturers plenty of time to develop, build, and test the cars.  Fillon also mentioned how well the LMP1 manufacturing industry is doing while thanking himself for it.