EVENSVILLE, Tennessee – FBI agents are calling the dismantling of a local driver fighting ring operation the worst they have ever seen. Agent Crystal Woss spoke at length of the conditions the drivers are kept in and trained to attack on sight, “These drivers were kept in captivity in this barn for at least 21 hours a day, and they were only fed once a day to keep them hungry. Based on photos from their Instagram accounts their meals consisted of nothing but airport food and a single beer. A driver would then be chained to a tree and baited with the bait being just out of reach. The bait usually consists of a check for a TCR ride for a weekend or the opportunity to enter a B2B deal where the driver tags their favorite brand of coffee on their Instagram, and the coffee responds back with the kissing emoji. At the end of the day, two drivers are expected to subtweet each other until one blocks the other and is left bloodied and defeated. The people that run these operations are sick, the worst kind of human.” 

Members of the public wishing to make donations to assist rescue efforts are asked to bring any old towels, blankets, water, white Oakleys, or high end wrist watches to St. John the Baptist Church on Oak Street.