WILLOWS, California – In anticipation of a whole new season of racing, one local Spec Miata driver is looking forward to an exciting racing season and finding ways to take things way too seriously. Unloading his car for the first race of 2019 at Thunderhill Raceway Spec Miata driver Lyle Ford could not wait to have the first session over with so he could start getting angry about it. “It was a long off season, but it’s good to be back and seeing your track friends again. Lots of them are here to have fun, and that is really great, but I am here to make it equally as miserable for them as I make it for myself.” Ford paused to wave at a fellow competitor who just ignored him before continuing, “Yelling at people for blocking, threatening the sanctioning body by saying I will go home, or just telling anyone who will listen that my competitors are cheating really make me look forward to this every year.”

Making sure he would be completely prepared for the first session, Ford taped a weekend schedule to his trailer door along with every way he plans to be a complete asshole to everyone for two days.