LEXINGTON, Ohio –  2018 saw great crowds and exciting racing for IMSA’s return to Mid-Ohio. With the 2019 version only a couple of weeks away, track officials promise to offer more of the same as well as a strong likelihood of contracting tetanus. Lead maintenance supervisor Bo Ustil said fans should plan to have a great time and to get their tetanus vaccines if they have not in the last 10 years. “If you remember, last year Penske Acura took their first victory after fighting the Mazdas for a good portion of the race. You might also remember walking around the track and seeing rusty guardrails with sharp edges or nails poking out of the boards that make up the garages. Not only do we have all that, but we also have some really sketchy fencing in some of the less traveled areas of the track that all offer weird and exciting ways to catch catch something that affects your nervous system.”

The Acura Sports Car Challenge At Mid-Ohio takes place Friday, May 3 to Sunday, May 5.