PORTLAND, Oregon – Sim racing’s growing  popularity in recent years has lead not only to people from all over the world being able to compete against each other online but also to lots of terrible videos being uploaded to YouTube and viewed by almost no one. YouTube has now confirmed half of all their content is horrible sim racing videos. “We used to be your go to place for those epic fail videos or people setting themselves on fire using Scope, but now you will find most your time is spent trying to filter out a six hour sim race from Portland International Raceway that less than 100 people have viewed,”said Dawn Charling, who oversees YouTube’s content algorithms. “Go there now and search for any race track you want and half the results will be sim races and ‘World Record Laps’. We are currently working on a solution for users to enjoy YouTube again and just able to watch girls try on lingerie without being barraged with obscure sim racing league videos.”

YouTube followed up on Charling’s comments by adding they are working on a way to combine lingerie videos with sim racing, but that the technology is at least two years away and most sim racers’ basement lighting is not up to the quality it should be.