CONCORD, North Carolina – Spending over a decade watching F1 and then chasing his dream of working for a top tier racing program, Martin Gosty was disappointed to learn being a mechanic is more than sitting on the pit wall and pumping his fist at the winning driver. While loading wheels and empty gas cans on a truck just before midnight, Gosty shared his thoughts on the matter, “My dad and I would watch races, and I would see the team personnel going crazy on the pit wall when their driver won. That’s what I wanted to do, because it looked like so much fun. It turns out pumping your fist is all fake news. I barely have time to sleep between setting up and tearing down. One weekend I had to make sandwiches when hospitality didn’t show up. No one’s maximizing my ability to pump my fist and point at the winning car.”

Most worrying to Gosty is how this trend will affect future mechanics that just want to work four seconds a weekend after seeing F1 pitstops.