UntitledWASHINGTON, D.C.- The long awaited Mueller report was released to the public yesterday but found no evidence that the Trump Campaign had worked with Russia to proclaim a national holiday in honor of Austin Dillon’s birthday. Trump’s critics had been confident there would be ample evidence that a crime was committed but came away disappointed with the finds in the report. “This is really difficult to take at face value to be honest,” said congresswoman Heidi Sheptar, who has been leading the call that naming Dillon’s birthday a nation holiday is executive overreach, “Trump was on the campaign trail in 2015 bragging about Dillon’s fourth place finish at Michigan. He even asked the Russians if they could find ways for Dillon to achieve even better results which would have led to more calls for the holiday. Dillon’s recent sixth place finish at Richmond will now only embolden him.” When reached for comment, Dillon refused to say anything other than pointing out his Daytona 500 victory was all his own and he did not benefit from any alleged outside interference.