Arriving at Oulton Park on Tuesday in the lead up to this weekend’s British GT Championship, Stephane Ratel was still confident his concept for a new GT2 category will be a roaring success and might even includes entries that are not a Porsche. The first race for the new platform will take place at Barcelona in September with what Ratel says will have “different GT2s racing together”. Ratel is keenly aware of the fact that currently only Porsche has a car to meet the regulations that were set by Porsche, and that the original debut date at Spa will now be just a Porsche demonstration, because Porsche is paying for it.

“As you see, we’ve made a lot of investments so we also need revenue,” Ratel told the Lugg Nutt.

“The value of a support race slot at Spa is high. We wanted to do this thing with GT2. The first manufacturer we knew that would have cars ready was Porsche.

“When the time came to what we do with the slot, I was either taking the financial risk and saying, ‘OK we keep it for GT2 but we don’t know how many cars will get there.’

“Or we pass the burden to Porsche and say, ‘Would you underwrite it and pay for the track time?’

“The beginning of the conversation was that maybe they’d accept other cars but then they had so much success with their own, they decided to do it with only Porsches.

“We hope, in the context of Spa, we’ll have the Porsche demonstration race plus all the cars being presented from other manufacturers.”

As evidence that this is a serious endeavor and not just a Porsche track day for rich guys, the new formula will be restricted to amateurs in cars with 700 horsepower. Porsche plans to build 200 GT2 models and will probably end up needing them all.