Dear First Time Track Day Participant,

A new job requires me to works nights twice a week, and on those nights I call my wife who never answers her phone. One night I got home to find her car still felt warm. I am suspicious she might be seeing someone else, but how do I bring this up without it backfiring on me?

-Suspicious in Summerville

Dear Suspicious,

Try taking a half pound out of your rear tires. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you are adept at feeling the car under you, it is definitely noticeable. Do you have a sport mode? Try that. Mine stiffens up the suspension and adds weight to the steering. You’re going to have to adjust for coming out of 7 when putting the power down especially if you find yourself understeering. It wasn’t a problem for me but that could just be down to experience.

Dear First Time Track Day Participant,

My husband and I recently found an empty bottle of vodka in our daughter’s room hidden in her hamper. She is only a sophomore in high school which makes this all the more concerning, but my husband is convinced it is not what it seems to be. Alcoholism runs in my family, and I am really worried. Are my fears unfounded, or do I need to press my husband to take this more seriously?

– Concerned in Carlsbad

Dear Concerned,

You know what Senna used to do before a race? He would visualize the lap before even getting on track. Once you get that helmet on, you’re locked in, and all you can think about is how you are going to maximize the time you have. Don’t let the other drivers disrupt you. Always be thinking at least three corners ahead and don’t worry about taking the same line as the driver ahead of you. Watch them for a couple of corners so you can anticipate where you will need to make your next move. Once you are past just take a another corner or two to make sure your tires are back up to temp and you didn’t pick up any debris off-line.

Dear First Time Track Day Participant,

Recently my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I live several states away whereas my siblings live closer to my dad and have been doing as much as they can to help him. Every day it is becoming more apparent they resent me for not being there, but it is almost impossible for me to uproot myself and be there. Can there be a happy medium in helping my dad and still having my own life?

-Torn in Tallahassee

Dear Torn,

Due to trail braking my speed up the front straight is even better than I anticipated. The first two laps my data logger was telling me 110, but by the third lap it was 115 or so. Did you see me out brake the guy in that Focus RS? What was he doing? Some of the people out here really need to check themselves, because they can be a real hazard. Then again going into 4 the same guy wouldn’t get out of my way. It was obvious he was slow. When he gave me the finger point to go around him, it was like he didn’t respect how fast I was. Don’t tell me which side to pass on either. If you’re just out here to have fun and enjoy yourself then maybe you should try something else like adult softball.

Gary Newbar is a member of the Southwest Region of the SCCA and owner of a 2014 Nissan GTR. He also authors a column for his club’s newsletter going by the name Nissanity.