PARIS, France – Coming off a weekend that no one will remember as the ELMS opened their season, the ACO heads met to discuss the upcoming 2020 Hypercar or whatever it will be called regulations.  After enthusiastic conversations with manufacturers wanting to have solely road-going supercars used as the platform and reading through fan comments on social media, the ACO has decided to keep doing their own damn thing that hasn’t worked for the last 6 years.  “Look, we’re trying to make this as confusing and last minute as possible,” said ACO Technical Director Pierre Maxime “If we dangle an idea in front of fans, teams and manufacturer for no reason but act like we know what we’re dong, it may work out.  In reality we’re just going to do whatever the hell we want because we’re French!”

It could be road-based, it could be LMP-based, it could be GTE machines cranked to 11.  We’ll let everyone know later on as we’re all about the big reveal and surprise, kinda like racing’s Hatchimals or LOL Surprise Dolls that are all the rage with kids on the YouTubes.  You don’t know what kind of small, stupid toy you’ll throw away in a month until you pay a premium and open that plastic egg.