CLEVELAND, Ohio – Mark Sommers, long-time race fan and recent Facebook group commenter, knows exactly how to fix NASCAR’s dropping attendance and Indycar’s declining TV ratings.  Problem is that he never actually gave a solution, something that Jay Frye, Indycar President, noticed when he was looking through the social media platform for ideas. “Gotta make ’em buy on Sunday and sell on Monday“, Sommers started in his 8 paragraph post, “Give the fans what they want! I remember 50 cars at the Daytona 500, and 60 would show up to get into the Indy 500. Rubbin is racin’, that’s how you do it.

I was hoping I could listen to the fans, get ideas and try to implement what they want, but it turns out 99% of racing fans are complete idiots disconnected from the real world,” said Frye.