KANSAS CITY, Missouri – Lowes. Target. Patron. Subway. Dollar General. These are just a few of the large companies to end their motorsport advertising campaigns in recent years.  With that in mind, series heads met to discuss a direction the sport as a whole needs to go. NASCAR marketing chairman, Buzz Coughlin, said, “If we want the sport to survive, we need to get with the trends and get the young whipper snappers on board.  No longer can we tell young people to drink Coke, smoke Camel Joes, or eat at Hooters, which I reminds me I have a reservation in 15 minutes I need to get to.

Indycar marketing/sponsorship President Tom Mayer is leading the round table, “We all picked our brands and we’re going to hit them hard to get these damn millennial eyes.  ‘Indycar presented by JUUL’, and ‘The IMSA Four Loko Series’ are real target goals for us and we’ll be expanding our spokesman programs as well.

World Challenge’s VP of Marketing said, “Lil Jon loves World Challenge when we pay him $200,000, PewDiePie is a big NHRA guy after they gave him $800,000.  It’ll be great.  Ever heard of the Twitch?”