BRISTOL, Tennessee – NASCAR’s famous half mile oval tucked away in the hills of Tennessee was proud to start a new era yesterday of offering television viewers a nice clean backdrop of empty grandstands. FOX Sports along with NASCAR both felt the time was right to offer this new perspective. “NASCAR and Bristol Motor Speedway are fantastic partners, and we all agreed it would be best to not sell tickets and block off most the grandstands to help the viewers at home,” said David Hoster director or sports programming for FOX, as he tried his hardest to be serious. “What we wanted fans to take from this is how much easier the cars were to follow now that there are no contrasting colors interfering from all the people in stands. It’s just so shiny and nice isn’t it?”

A Bristol employee that works in the track ticket office agreed with this new policy and all the free time it now affords her to sit at her desk watching cat videos on YouTube.