By A Garbage Can

Everyone likes to have fun. I get it. You get to hang out with friends, relax, watch race cars, and have a few beers. It’s all good. Maybe you had one too many and have decided to move to something stronger which is totally cool. I am not here to tell you how to have fun. Now you’re a little woozy and that bologna sandwich you ate is not sitting all that well in your stomach. We have all been there. Not all sandwiches are created equal, and your friend Greg suggests you should take it easy and have some water. You can’t flame out before dinner. It’s now that you know the water isn’t going to make a difference, and that bologna sandwich is about to make a curtain call.

The bathrooms are right there. I would say they are not even 30 feet from where you are standing, and a nice guy like you will head over there and puke right? Of course you don’t. In your infinite wisdom you decide to open me up and dump that liquefied bologna sandwich, cheap lite beer, and bottom shelf vodka inside me. How wonderful. Thanks so much. I’ll just be over here until Monday morning wreaking of your stomach stew plus whatever else people cough up into me.  And the best part is the weather is 90 degrees. Make sure you complain all weekend about how bad I smell each time you come to throw a can in me. I really can not thank you enough.