BAHRAIN – Tuesday’s test at Bahrain International Circuit saw Mick Schumacher, son of the seven time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher, take to the track in a Ferrari and post the second fastest time with the team most associated with his father. On hand was Mick’s mother who stood track side beaming with pride, “Today was a big day for not only Mick but the Schumacher family as a whole,” said Schumacher family representative, Margaret Hassler, standing just outside the Ferrari garage. “Mick is aware of the outside expectations that come with having the Schumacher name. The pressure on any child of an accomplished driver is always expected, there has never been any doubt he would succeed and can become better than Nelson Piquet Jr. The Schumacher family has been through so much in recent years, but one thing they will not have to one day put up with is their son being a complete dick.” 

Hassler later clarified her statement that some misconstrued as being too negative towards Piquet Jr by saying she meant he was a massive dick.