SMITHS STATION, Georgia – A week after purchasing a 2009 BMW M3, BroMWM3 forum member, Steve Mulligan, logged on to inquire about ways he could ruin his perfectly good car. “First thing I did was order a Nurburgring vinyl track map for my hood and do tint. The tint was from AutoZone and went on with only some small bubbles visible,” typed Mulligan, who really wanted to mention the Nurburgring vinyl first so that other forum members knew he was a real BMW enthusiast. “My other ideas are painting my wheels either blue or yellow, but that depends on what colors my local Ace Hardware has. Thoughts? Other than that, I just want a catback exhaust with at least a four inch tip. I want it loud af. I’m not really employed right now so everything would have to be on a budget. Appreciate any help!”

One member who bothered to respond to Mulligan told him to sell the car to someone who won’t screw it up, but Mulligan replied by saying he had to take out a loan for more than the car is worth and is screwed.