NEW YORK, New York- At a board meeting on Monday, CBS Sports CEO Dana Kindler, was surprised to learn auto racing is one of the properties distributed by the network she presides over. Kindler’s surprise came when discussing early Tuesday morning programming that is usually reserved for infomercials or Radball. “The agenda took us to early morning broadcasts and more specifically the topic of Tuesday mornings. CBS Sports has traditionally used the hours before noon for entities with minimal to no cost to us. This would include any number of infomercials that pay us for the time slot to random sports that bring an audience just large enough to justify it to advertisers,” explained Kindler, as she stood outside smoking during a quick break. “So imagine my surprise when I was informed we carry auto racing during those hours a couple weeks a month. I was not the only person at the meeting who never knew this, and while someone in accounting had taken notice of funds coming in from SRO and ADAC, we could not find any proof of it anywhere else. I have set up an internal investigative task force to figure out why and when this happened.”

Other members of the CBS Sports board of directors were even more confused when they checked the broadcast schedule and found that a DTM race was listed as a half hour of bicycle soccer was followed by the Philips smokeless grill infomercial.