Washington, D.C. – Secretary of Concessions Betsy DeVos’ plan to eliminate free condiments at the nation’s racetracks was met with scathing criticism from race fans across the country who pushed back on DeVos for suggesting people should bring in their own pickles and mustard to a race. “When you go to a track you expect to pay for your food, get some free mayonnaise, grab some free sauerkraut that has been out in the sun for way too long, and not have to pay for any of it,” Jessica Lenz, a race fan from North Dakota, told Devos during a hearing on the matter. “How do you tell your son who just eats ketchup packets with nothing else he can’t do that anymore without paying? When did we become so inhumane?”

DeVos defended the proposed budget cut saying it came in response to people who like to bring food from home but still take as much free onion relish or barbecue sauce as they want.