LEXINGTON, Ohio – A report released last week from Ohio State University’s Department of Cultural Studies says that portrait you did at home then presented as a gift to a driver might be a touch creepy. “My colleagues and I went back 10 years and gathered as much data as possible. We accumulated everything from watercolor portraits someone gave Michael Schumacher to crudely drawn pencil art that Jeff Gordon got from a guy at Bristol, but Jeff’s head is almost as big as his body and the artist forgot to add a second ear,” said Professor Heather Serl, who was studying a bit of a an oil painting of Tom Kristensen at her desk. “For example, here we have this expertly done painting of Tom Kristensen that was sent to him by an adoring fan. The colors and layers coexist in one fluid form and could be something that is not creepy, but on the other hand Danica Patrick had a gentleman pass off this marker portrait where she is meant to look like Miss Piggy. For the time being we just do not have enough evidence one way or the other and will just stick with saying this type of thing might be creepy for the time being.”

Serl acknowledged some of her colleagues were more concerned with the people that do the portraits and wondering if there should be a watch list for such things.