SCRANTON, Pennsylvania – Walking around the parking lot of Ollies’s Bargain Outlet on a cold Saturday morning, 40-year-old local autocross instructor Scott Vakil began to wonder what he had done in life up to this point and where it all went wrong. Two hours after he arrived Vakil had finally gotten the course laid out before taking a couple minutes to reflect upon his life. “What happened to me? Seven or eight years ago I had just gotten married and bought a WRX, and everything looked great. Now I’m here in an outlet mall parking lot putting up cones instead of being home with my kids,” said a rather distraught Vakil to himself as he fought with some wires needed for timing. “I went to college for eight years and did everything the right way. Now I will be spending my Saturday with people arguing about class structure, guys in cars lowered to the ground that don’t understand why the car won’t turn in, and one girl in a Focus ST that everyone will be creeping on. Is this all there is? Really?”

To calm himself down, Vakil kicked over the folding table he brought from home that will be used for registration.