AUSTIN, Texas – After a late race caution and pit strategy worked to Herta’s advantage, the California native was able to launch his mop-head hair to the top step of the podium and become Indycars moppiest-haired winner ever.  “I’m just so thankful to be here on this head,” said Herta’s mop head hair, “I was getting mashed down pretty hard from the balaclava and helmet and really felt it mid-race, but luckily we came out on top of the head, and won the race.  After Colton popped off the helmet and that damn face sock, I was able to breath again and show off my moppiness to the masses.  70’s Stewart, 70’s Hunt, mid-2000s Alonso – that’s the kind of mop head we’re aiming for and I think we just proved we mean business.”