SEBRING, Florida – Motivated after watching the LMP3 race at Sebring Florida, Florida man Keith Johnson decided he would drive an LMP3 race car.  In typical Florida man fashion, Johnson stripped naked, covered himself in Bubba Burger grease, hopped in the BANSA Autosport #69 machine and before anyone noticed, went on track and starting turning out impressively competitive lap times – within a second of the fastest Am driver.

While it’s unclear why Johnson got greasy and naked before stealing the LMP3 machine, it was mentioned to authorities that he was inspired after seeing how many and how often LMP3 gentleman drivers just crashed on their own over the weekend and figured he could at least be that good.  “PC first, now LMP3, hell man, I can do that. Just gonna send it” Johnson was heard saying to a friend before hopping in the car.  Johnson was arrested after crashing at the hairpin on his fourth lap, which was longer than any stint a gentleman driver had over the weekend.