HATTIESBURG, Mississippi – Standing around the grill at a family barbecue, car enthusiast Brian Rilo bragged to his cousins about his day at the track with Xtreme Xperience where he drove a Ferrari 488 but did not bother to mention he was limited to a top speed of 65mph. “You get in the car with a real racing driver who teaches you all the things you need to know all within three laps. The problem was I was so good she didn’t even bother telling me what to do. True story,” said Rilo, who took a sip of his beer before flipping some chicken breasts. “After one lap, I was so in the zone of going flat out that top speed doesn’t even matter. Why even look? When we got out, the instructor joked that I must have some professional experience, because I was so good. They don’t just say that to anyone.”

Once the barbecue was over, Rilo decided to delete his video from Facebook that showed him going off track twice and not exceeding highway speeds.