FAIRFAX, Virginia – Looking forward to the end of her shift in a little less than an hour, Can You Beer Me bartender Hazel Grenitch decided to take an interest in the conversation of two men near the end of the bar. “These two guys were going over their times from the indoor go-kart track near here.  One was yelling about his times being disallowed for spinning, and he was so proud of screaming at a 16-year-old kid who worked there about it. They went so far as blaming 12-year-old kids for having a weight advantage. Just really awful dudes,” said Grenitch, who was cleaning up glasses, and shutting down the tap lines. “The other one brought his helmet to the bar and actually put it on the bar. I can see going to the mini golf and kart across the road for some fun, but do people take indoor karting seriously? Is this a thing people do?” 

Next time Grenitch said she will know to avoid anyone who brings their own helmet to the bar, especially if they do not pull up on a motorcycle.