SEBRING, Florida – Reports from Sebring are that the WEC race, which was originally set for a distance of 1000 miles, might not have finished yet. The race that started on Friday afternoon was expected to end under the cover of darkness, but that is not the case according to people still in the area. “For the first four hours or so we were all really into it,” said racing fan, Larry Pods, who had traveled from Oregon to attend the WEC and IMSA doubleheader. “Then it got to the six hour mark, and we started to wonder if it would ever end. The group I traveled with ended up going back to our cars for a nap, and to be honest I swear I can still hear the cars going around the track from my hotel. Have you ever watched a movie that you swore you had been watching for three hours then realized it was only fifteen minutes?”

Some of the others that had traveled with Mr. Pods were confident the race would still be going on when they returned next year.