NEW YORK, New York – Citing data accumulated from internet searches as well as social media mentions, 2019 will be known as the year of crashing your TCR car. Crytpocurrency, saying the word “hashtag” out loud, and vaccinations are all on the way out according to Linda Sherton, lead editor of popular internet media website BeHotOrBeNot. “Stop whatever you’re doing, go get a TCR car, and crash it into something. Nothing is hotter right now,” said Sherton, as she watched replays of various crashes from both World Challenge and IMSA competition, “I’m not even joking. Crash into a competitor, crash into the wall, crash into some tires, but just cause major damage that leaves the car beyond repair.”

When asked when this trend might peak, Sherton added the IMSA weekend at Watkins Glen has some real potential for TCR being a complete mess.