AUSTIN, Texas – Excited for the first ever IndyCar race at Circuit of the Americas, local Denny’s manager, Gary Winco, is equally as excited to have his restaurant play host to the first ever ‘Marco-mania’ convention. Winco is not only happy to play host but was also able to guarantee ample seating, “When I got a call from the organizer, the first thing they asked me was how many people can fit in one of our booths, and I told them four adults or two adults and four kids is the norm. Due to them anticipating up to 10 people, I suggested we slide a couple tables together to accommodate everyone, and they really liked that idea. I said we could put them in private area for up to 15 people, but they didn’t think that would be necessary.”

Organizers are confident that through word of mouth the event can grow until ultimately a reservation at the Red Lobster down the street might be needed.