SEBRING, Florida – Sportscar racing historian and curmudgeon Tom Daniels debuted his self-funded exhibit “When Real Men Drove and Racing Was Racing” this weekend at Sebring International Raceway which was a time capsule from the golden years of sportscar racing.  “BoP stands for Big Old Poop as far as I’m concerned,” said Mr. Daniels, “I brought this exhibit to remind everyone how great racing was, not whatever this sissy crap is today!  I remember when that Mercedes killed a bunch of spectators at Le Mans in ’55.  Real men there.  Or how about when Porsche ruled the 80s and the Group C cars had to save fuel constantly! What a treat.  Nobody even talks about what Audi did in the early 2000s! The best won, that’s for sure.”

Much to Mr. Daniel’s dismay, there were zero visitors confirmed at his new-for-2019 exhibit with only one person stopping by to find out where the Scalextric booth was.